William Mark Habeeb


William Mark Habeeb was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1955. He graduated from Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities; studied literature and philosophy in England; has traveled widely in Europe, West Africa, the Middle East and the Soviet Union; and spent 20 years doing government and media relations consulting in Washington, DC. For the past ten years he has taught at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. Habeeb has written several books on international affairs, most recently, Middle East in Turmoil (Greenwood, 2012), as well as nine non-fiction YA books on world history and cultures. He recently completed his first work of fiction. He has studied religions, oenology and psychoanalysis (the latter at the Washington Center for Psychoanalysis). He lives in Arlington, Virginia, with his wife and teenage son.

Selected Works

From Islamic extremism in Algeria to civil war in Iraq, this volume provides in-depth coverage of political and cultural conflict in the Middle East

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